Labor safety and 5S

We pay attention to labor safety and 5S:The employee doing the 5S(Seiri, Seiton, Seisou, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) by themselves and obtain excellent results over the years. We periodically implement the education and training of labor safety, e.g. rehearsal of machine operation safety.



    We pay attention to human care and welfare

  • Special leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave:based on the Labor Standards Act.
  • Year-end bonus.
  • Spring Festival, Labor Day, Mid-Autumn Festival prize.
  • Subsidy for maternity, marriage, bereavement.
  • One-time domestic touring by year.
  • Staff birthday celebration dinner by quarter.

    We also pay attention to education and training of new employees and on-job-training,

    to enhance working intelligence; for example, assignment to professional training institutions, cooperation with university. And encourage employees to learn foreign language in order for our international business.